Wood Roofing - Commercial Roofing Contractor

Wood Roofing - Commercial Roofing Contractor

We offer roof repair & a full-range of commercial roofing services in Coleman, TX & Surrounding Areas

Commercial and residential roofs are different in many ways, so a skilled residential roofer may not know how to fix commercial roofs. Wood Roofing is different-we have years of experience with both kinds of roofs.

We've done roof repairs on small businesses across Coleman, TX and can fix your roof, too. For more information about Wood Roofing's repair services, call 325-625-5803 today. An experienced roofing professional will give you a free repair estimate.

Your business needs a strong roof

Wood Roofing doesn't just repair commercial roofs-we install them, too. If you're building a new store or just looking to upgrade your current roof, we know just how to help.

Wood Roofing works with a variety of commercial materials, including:

  • TPO roofing membranes, perfect for cutting down on your cooling costs
  • Roof coatings, to protect your flat roof against weathering and damage
  • Flat roof joints, to build your new roof and secure the correct coating

To get started on your roof installation project in Coleman, TX, call Wood Roofing today. We'll find the right roofing materials for your business.